5G For Everyone Video Series:
Visions for the 5G Future

5G will unleash a massive wave of innovation that will transform our everyday lives. It is so important that EVERYONE in America can benefit from this 5G opportunity – to unlock education opportunities, empower people with disabilities, deliver health outcomes especially in rural areas and support emergency responders.

Watch this video series to learn more about the many ways all Americans will benefit from a nationwide, mobile 5G world.

Benefits of 5G:
Improving Emergency Response

5G for Everyone:
A New Age of Accessibility

How 5G Technology Will Benefit
the Future of Education | T-Mobile

The Future of 5G:
Better Healthcare Outcomes

The Future of 5G:
Reaching Rural America

The Smart Future City:
Los Angeles and 5G

The Future of 5G:
Transforming Education


The 5G revolution is on the horizon and global tech leadership is at stake. A new kind of company is required to ensure American leadership in 5G and drive competition in this rapidly changing digital era.

Only the New T-Mobile can quickly deliver nationwide 5G to disrupt the status quo, truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in a converging world. As a larger, stronger, better-scaled competitor, the New T-Mobile will deliver lower prices, better service and new disruptive offerings to more consumers across the U.S., while creating thousands of jobs and bringing real wireless choices and mobile broadband competition to rural Americans for the first time.

Tell the FCC that you want the pro-consumer Un-carrier strategy to continue! Submit a public comment by clicking the ‘Support 5G For All’ button below to go to www.fcc.gov. Once there, enter 18-197 in the “Proceeding” field, fill out the required fields and submit.