The New T-Mobile will challenge a status quo that has left too many Americans looking across a Digital Divide, paying too much for too little, with too few options, tolerating terrible treatment and believing it can’t change. With nationwide 5G for All, we will disrupt the market leaders so consumers pay less and get more!

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New T-Mobile: Bridging the Digital Divide … for GOOD

Challenging a Broken System

The New T-Mobile will supercharge the Un-carrier movement and continue to challenge a system that is not working. Special interest groups and the opposition to this deal are defending this failing status quo – a stagnant system that leaves Americans paying more, getting less and leaving millions behind. All while suffocating innovation for our country’s economy. Consumers want and deserve more than the status quo. And the New T-Mobile is here to keep breaking barriers and rocking the system.

The reality is that the way Americans currently access internet in this country is simply not working well for consumers. The facts are startling:

  • Two players dominate the wireless sector with >95% of cash flow and 80% of the profitability stagnating the future of internet and innovation in America
  • Either AT&T OR Verizon is roughly 2X the size of a combined New T-Mobile (market cap)
  • Nearly 30% of all U.S. households today have no competitive choice for in-home broadband service faster than 25 Mbps.
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction, Big Cable ranks DEAD LAST for any industry, according to ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index)

New T-Mobile is going to change that. With 5G for All we are going to reach more Americans, offer them more for less and do so with REAL customer service. It will forever change how Americans access, enjoy and pay for the internet.

New T-Mobile’s Commitment to Lower Prices

The Un-Carrier started with one simple pledge: abolish contracts, limits and overages. We flipped the industry by committing to earn the loyalty of our customers instead of locking them away. No one said it was rocket science, but when it comes to customers, wireless and cable behemoths struggle with simple.

From there we have made a few more Un-Carrier commitments to our customers. Paying for break-up fees, abolishing use it or lose it data policies, phone upgrades whenever, going global easily, free video services, banishing data limits, simplifying bills and dedicated expert customer service. Each time we have dragged the competition kicking and screaming along. All to the benefit of wireless customers.

It was a no-brainer to make another commitment to our customers. New T-Mobile rates are NOT going to go up. Period. End of discussion. We filed with the FCC our pledge not to raise rates when the transaction is completed, for three years until our expanded network capacity will help drive down prices. Once again we are putting our money where our mouth is. Like everything we do, it’s a simple, straightforward pledge. No loopholes or technicalities or nuances. We know our customers would catch any funny business.

Giving Consumers More for Less

With our network’s increased capacity, New T-Mobile will have enormous economic incentives to lower prices and “fill up” our supercharged network with new customers. This is economics 101 — and consumers will benefit. We stand by this promise to customers and always will! That’s why we have committed to offer our customers the same or better prices for three years for all our brands.

New T-Mobile will vigorously compete for consumers at all price points and all our customers, including prepaid and Lifeline, will have access to the same amazing 5G network. We significantly increased prepaid accessibility with MetroPCS and New T-Mobile will do the same.

Commitment to Continue Lifeline Services

New T-Mobile has committed to maintain the Lifeline program services of T-Mobile and Sprint throughout the country indefinitely into the future. Lifeline, and the approximately 10 million households across the country who benefit from it, will be an important piece of New T-Mobile with absolutely no end in sight.

With an expanded footprint in the 41 states, plus Washington, D.C., where Lifeline operates, New T-Mobile’s Lifeline services will reach a larger pool of eligible users than what Sprint or T-Mobile could have separately. We are proud to be part of this program and New T-Mobile pledges to continue our strong track record of providing high-quality, wireless services for Lifeline subscribers and all consumers.

Customer Service with Real People

New T-Mobile is going to build five new and expand two existing customer service facilities as just one part of the future New T-Mobile’s plans to put customers first and bring jobs to communities.

This isn’t your everyday customer service. The state-of-the-art facilities will offer T-Mobile’s innovative Team of Experts (TEX) service model, which allows customers to have direct personal access to a dedicated team of specialists when they call or message for assistance. The specialists work with local retail and engineering to address a wide variety of topics and tackle complex challenges for customers. These are great jobs. T-Mobile has consistently been featured on numerous “Best Place to Work” lists year over year. Care team members will be eligible to receive benefits and opportunities such as significant management preparation experience, career development paths and college tuition reimbursement.

We don’t need to explain how this changes the status quo. Just try calling AT&T or Comcast.

3 years

New T-Mobile customers will see the same or better rate plans as they currently have for three years while we build our new network, which will have substantially greater capacity and will drive prices way down


New T-Mobile will cover 96% of this country’s rural residents to break down the Digital Divide


Faster in 2024 than T-Mobile today with ~450Mbps download speeds, compared to around just 30-40 Mbps today!


Committed to maintaining the current Sprint and T-Mobile Lifeline services throughout the country indefinitely into the future


The 5G revolution is on the horizon and global tech leadership is at stake. A new kind of company is required to ensure American leadership in 5G and drive competition in this rapidly changing digital era.

Only the New T-Mobile can quickly deliver nationwide 5G to disrupt the status quo, truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in a converging world. As a larger, stronger, better-scaled competitor, the New T-Mobile will deliver lower prices, better service and new disruptive offerings to more consumers across the U.S., while creating thousands of jobs and bringing real wireless choices and mobile broadband competition to rural Americans for the first time.

Tell the FCC that you want the pro-consumer Un-carrier strategy to continue! Submit a public comment by clicking the ‘Support 5G For All’ button below to go to www.fcc.gov. Once there, enter 18-197 in the “Proceeding” field, fill out the required fields and submit.