More choice and competition. Better service. Lower prices. Faster speeds. The New T-Mobile Home Internet will bring the Un-carrier beyond wireless to provide much needed competition to the Cableopoly.

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New T-Mobile: Creating a True Alternative to Fixed Broadband

Powered by the revolutionary 5G network enabled by the merger, the New T-Mobile will create a new “Un-wired” and “Un-cabled” competitor that will revolutionize in-home broadband across the country, particularly in rural areas. We can all agree that the status quo in cable is not working for consumers. The service is terrible, your bills are too high and no one ever seems to answer your phone call! With the New T-Mobile and 5G, we have the opportunity to disrupt the industry and deliver improved broadband connectivity at a lower price. This is a big deal!

The New T-Mobile will change broadband the same way the Un-carrier transformed wireless.

This merger will intensify competition in a converging market where incumbents dominate and large new players are jumping in. The New T-Mobile will be a disruptive rival able to go toe-to-toe with established leaders to drive competition and innovation, bringing more choice and lower prices to all consumers at all price points, especially in underserved rural areas.

In fact, this is already in the works. T-Mobile will soon begin a pilot of Home Internet service, primarily in rural and underserved areas of the country, which will lay the foundation for the New T-Mobile’s disruption of this market. Through this pilot, Home Internet customers will get a free 4G router to operate over T-Mobile’s LTE network. After the merger these routers will be upgraded to include 2.5 GHz spectrum and 5G compatible hardware. No hidden fees. One consistent low monthly rate. No data caps. This is in-home broadband the way it was meant to be!

Here’s how the New T-Mobile’s fixed broadband plan will better serve ALL American consumers:

  • Real choice: Almost half the country’s households – 48% – have no high-speed service or only one option to choose from. An unbelievable 79% of U.S. households have no competitive choice for 100Mbps in-home broadband service. The New T-Mobile will provide a meaningful new option to millions of Americans held hostage by mega-corporations. Our business plan projects to have 9.5 million customers for our in-home broadband service by 2024.
  • Lower prices: The New T-Mobile will deliver aggressive pricing below what in-home broadband providers typically charge today (assuming they provide service in an area at all)! Our home broadband offering will have a simple monthly price, no annual service contract (We are the Un-carrier after all!), no hidden fees and no surprises. By eliminating the expense of your monthly cable bill, the New T-Mobile is estimated to save customers up to $960 a year on in-home broadband. That’s $13 billion of savings across America!
  • Faster speeds: We will blanket high-capacity coverage over areas that previously would have been difficult to serve. The New T-Mobile will deliver in-home service to more than half the country’s households by 2024. Up to 30% of these homes will be located in rural areas that today have little to no choice in broadband services. And 90% of Americans will enjoy 100+ Mbps speeds for wireless broadband as New T-Mobile transforms how consumers access the internet.
  • Better customer service: What T-Mobile has done for mobile wireless consumers as the Un-carrier, New T-Mobile will do for in-home broadband consumers. We will remove customer pain points and change the things people hate about their in-home broadband service.


Percentage of Americans with access to 100Mbps broadband by 2021 with New T-Mobile


Percentage of Americans with access to 100Mbps broadband by 2024 with New T-Mobile

9.5 Million

U.S. households who will have access to New T-Mobile’s in-home broadband services


Savings per household per year by eliminating monthly cable bills


The 5G revolution is on the horizon and global tech leadership is at stake. A new kind of company is required to ensure American leadership in 5G and drive competition in this rapidly changing digital era.

Only the New T-Mobile can quickly deliver nationwide 5G to disrupt the status quo, truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in a converging world. As a larger, stronger, better-scaled competitor, the New T-Mobile will deliver lower prices, better service and new disruptive offerings to more consumers across the U.S., while creating thousands of jobs and bringing real wireless choices and mobile broadband competition to rural Americans for the first time.

Tell the FCC that you want the pro-consumer Un-carrier strategy to continue! Submit a public comment by clicking the ‘Support 5G For All’ button below to go to www.fcc.gov. Once there, enter 18-197 in the “Proceeding” field, fill out the required fields and submit.