This is a JOB CREATING transaction. We get it, that’s not the industry standard, but we DON’T DO STANDARD!

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Just The Facts On Jobs: The New T-Mobile Will Create Jobs From Day One

Job Creation Nationwide

There will be more jobs at New T-Mobile than if the two companies remained separate. New T-Mobile will be a job creator. As one way to show how serious we are about this, we will offer every current retail employee from both companies a job at New T-Mobile. No exceptions.

We are going to invest about $40 billion over three years to integrate these companies, expand and capture the 5G opportunity. A huge portion of that investment is jobs. New T-Mobile will have 3,625 more direct, internal full-time employees in year one (2019) than the two companies would employ absent the merger. In 2024, New T-Mobile will have 11,060 more direct and indirect jobs than the standalone companies would have had. This merger is all about jobs.

T-Mobile has done this before and New T-Mobile can do it again. Since T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS, the number of Metro and Metro dealer employees who support the MetroPCS brand has more than TRIPLED. We created thousands of new jobs supporting MetroPCS in five years by doubling Metro’s customer base and expanding to serve new markets. New T-Mobile will follow this proven playbook to be jobs positive from Day One.

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Especially in Rural Areas.

We are already rolling out our plans to create jobs across America. Nowhere will the powerful effect of new jobs be felt more strongly than in rural communities across America.

New T-Mobile has recently announced plans to open five new, state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centers as part of the nationwide expansion of our revolutionary Team of Experts (TEX) customer care model. No one else in the industry even comes close. The first three locations – in the Greater Rochester area of Upstate N.Y.; Overland Park, Kansas; and California’s Central Valley – are very important to our jobs commitment. Through this expansion we will create 7,500 more customer care jobs by 2024 than T-Mobile or Sprint would have independently. We’ve also committed to build 600 new stores which, along with our customer service expansion, will create approximately 12,000 jobs mostly in small towns and local communities.

A Job Creator From Day One


New full-time U.S. jobs created at New T-Mobile in year one (2019) compared to standalone operations


New jobs created by New T-Mobile in small towns and rural America by 2021


Annual average increase in overall U.S. jobs due to the merger between 2019-2023, as estimated by NERA Economics


Customer care centers planned to be built by New T-Mobile


Customer care jobs to be created by New T-Mobile by 2024 compared to standalone operations


Additional New T-Mobile retail locations to be opened in small towns and across rural America


The 5G revolution is on the horizon and global tech leadership is at stake. A new kind of company is required to ensure American leadership in 5G and drive competition in this rapidly changing digital era.

Only the New T-Mobile can quickly deliver nationwide 5G to disrupt the status quo, truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in a converging world. As a larger, stronger, better-scaled competitor, the New T-Mobile will deliver lower prices, better service and new disruptive offerings to more consumers across the U.S., while creating thousands of jobs and bringing real wireless choices and mobile broadband competition to rural Americans for the first time.

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