The New T-Mobile will supercharge the pro-consumer Un-carrier revolution by targeting lower prices, better service and LTE network benefits from Day One! We will disrupt the market leaders so consumers pay less and get more!

Wireless Disruption Continues!  

The Un-Carrier strategy has forced dramatic change in the wireless industry. We’ve listened to customers, solved their pain points and ushered in the era of Unlimited. We won’t stop now! Together T-Mobile and Sprint will put that same disruptive, pro-consumer strategy into overdrive for even more consumers and in the enterprise market!  With our enhanced network scale we will…

  • Lower prices!  Our enhanced scale allows the New T-Mobile to compete at lower prices WITH NO END IN SIGHT! Capacity will double and the cost of delivering data will plummet!
  • Outstanding Service! We will expand our unique customer service model to Sprint and deliver better coverage, reliability and speed!
  • Greater value! We will deliver a growing set of innovative offerings in video, IoT, VR and more!
  • MORE competition!  There will be a MAJOR expansion of competition into rural markets and for businesses of all sizes!

Respected economists have concluded that New T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network will force greater investment from competitors, resulting in a up to 55% decrease in price per GB and over a 120% increase in data supply for all wireless customers. Consumers get both a dollar and also a data dividend from the merger!

Innovation that Drives Competition Across Industries

Consumers care about innovation, ease of use and quality of service. They also want all of it on their phone. That is why industry convergence is here. Wireless, wireline and cable are rapidly converging across industry lines. Did anyone think 5 years ago that AT&T would be the nation’s leading TV provider? Or that Comcast would have more postpaid phone net additions last year than AT&T and Verizon – COMBINED? That’s nearly 10% of the total for all of 2017. Or that YouTube would offer LIVE TV? 5G will only accelerate the convergence we all see every day.

All content is going to the internet…
…and the internet is going mobile

We thrive on competition so we are happy to take on these entrenched giants with our consumer-first mentality and relentless focus on disruption. To date, T-Mobile and Sprint individually have not been able to erode wireless market share from the two largest competitors, however New T-Mobile will beat the market leaders to benefit consumers. The wireless industry needs a disruptive rival able to go toe-to-toe with established leaders to drive competition and innovation…New T-Mobile will be a strengthened maverick with every incentive to lower costs and force competitors to innovate as the industry transforms toward 5G. 

The New T-Mobile will bring more choice and competition. With 5G, the New T-Mobile will bring new competition to the underserved and new markets, including: rural areas, enterprise customers, IoT and video. Our new 5G network will have enormous capacity that will incentivize New T-Mobile to compete vigorously to “fill up” the network. We will bring innovative new products that deliver mobile services across a variety of platforms and at dramatically faster speeds!  That should worry all the companies converging into this space!

Transforming Mobile Video

Shifting consumer demand requires new and innovative video delivery models, yet even with the rise of Netflix and Hulu incumbent providers still control the market. Video and pay-TV distribution is ripe for disruption, just as wireless needed to be disrupted when we began the Un-carrier strategy several years ago. With the scale and spectrum from this combination, the New T-Mobile will lead the way! Together, we will bring innovative and disruptive video services to market faster than either T-Mobile or Sprint could independently. With our 5G network, the New T-Mobile will spur competition and drive lower prices across the video landscape.

Job Creation Nationwide

This is a JOB CREATING transaction.  We get it, that’s not the industry standard, but we DON’T DO STANDARD!  We expect that the New T-Mobile will always have more U.S. employees on payroll than the prior standalone companies do now.  How? We are going to invest about $40 billion over three years to integrate these companies, expand and capture the 5G opportunity.  A huge portion of that investment is jobs.

The New T-Mobile will be a jobs creator from Day One. We are going to be investing in jobs to build the new cell towers to build out 5G, jobs to extend our Un-carrier customer care model to a wider subscriber base and jobs for the hundreds of new stores we intend to open across the country.  In fact, nowhere will that growth be more prevalent than in rural America – which is dramatically underserved today. We are building hundreds of stores in rural areas and will be hiring in local communities as we build out 5G. Only the New T-Mobile will fundamentally change a broadband industry that has left millions of consumers with little choice, slow speeds and high prices. The New T-Mobile will bring its advanced 5G network and lower prices to every American!